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Our teachers are native-speakers, graduates and registered with the Queensland College of Teachers with experience in all aspects of language teaching, curriculum, assessments and learning styles. 

One-to-One Tuition: 

This option would suit students (from Year 7 to adults) wishing to fast-track their progress with a specific goal / timeframe in mind (academic, business, upcoming travel).

Individual tuition also provides more flexible tuition times to suit your schedule. 

An initial consultation in the first session will evaluate your needs, prior to designing a customised programme to suit your requirements. 

Group Tuition: 

This option would suit students wishing to follow a more general course structure, within a social context.

In a small group setting of no more than 6 students, a variety of teaching / learning methods are used to improve your confidence in real situations by developing the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Micro-group teaching allows the teacher to monitor the progress of each individual more effectively and provides greater opportunity for student participation. 

Classes of 1 hour are scheduled between 09.30 to 17.00 Monday to Saturday. 

French Courses

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